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A substantial selection of respondents, especially these from Kisumu, also noted having read or believing that the use of particular contraceptive approaches, especially capsules, led to cancer. Many of them (group women of all ages) say that the supplements are not fantastic due to the fact they can accumulate underneath the abdomen and cause a thing like cancer so several people never like individuals pills [Non-consumer, Kisumu]Fear of facet effects.

In addition to the myths explained higher than, many also stated serious facet outcomes as a barrier to use. The most popular side consequences expressed by the respondents ended up excess weight alterations, bleeding, and absence of sexual drive.

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Head aches and blood strain difficulties have been also cited by a handful of. All of the techniques have been involved with likely adjustments in excess weight, with some approaches involved with pounds attain (notably the injectable) and others with bodyweight reduction. Injectable, I really feel they are not very good as they have aspect effects they change your physical visual appearance, very extra fat, really several folks get really fats [Person, Mombasa]I do not know if its maybe I made use of them (capsules) for a long time the very first time and that’s why they (pills) are influencing me? They (drugs) make me loose urge for food and I begin finding slender simply because I you should not consume [Person, Mombasa]Heavy bleeding was also related with fashionable loved ones planning approaches.

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The intervals are so weighty till they truly feel like they are not menstruating, it is really like they are bleeding pure blood. [Non-consumer, Mombasa]And other people I read that they obtain their durations like the overall thirty day period when they are using these relatives organizing methods. Like Norplant there is a buddy who experienced intervals in the course of the thirty day period until finally she experienced it taken out [Non-person, Mombasa]Respondents also noted listening to that modern relatives arranging lessens sexual motivation. All these spouse and children organizing procedures interfere with our emotions (libido) be it a coil, be it a tablet, (drugs) be it what, I heard that it (modern day family members organizing) minimizes emotions [Person, Mombasa]Injectable I heard they make a woman “to be cold”.

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They guide to deficiency of sexual arousal just like the coil. There are some who have facet results by the way you “don’t have any emotions (sexual urge) [Non-person, Mombasa]Sometimes they complain simply because of the way they (products) make you sense drained, provide temper swings and sometimes you have a reduced libido. This will make him complain mainly because he will start accusing you that you are remaining unfaithful to him [User, Mombasa]Association with promiscuity and straying.

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There ended up notions that the use of fashionable contraceptive solutions inspired youthful ladies to come to be sexually promiscuous. The two consumers and non-customers expressed the belief that the companions of youthful women of all ages who use contraceptives felt that they encouraged the women to be unfaithful. For occasion, a non-consumer from Mombasa stated:And so they (adult men) say that only promiscuous girls use the drugs and that is why they are in opposition to individuals capsules [Non-user, Mombasa]However, this seemed to be a perception held by the male partners and not the women by themselves.

Another respondent from Mombasa, this time a user, also stated that:Sometimes they (gentlemen) accuse you of becoming unfaithful in the relationship [Person, Mombasa]The problem of contemporary contraceptives being involved with absence of trust was described to have been mentioned through youth conferences in the local community, as mentioned by 1 of the respondents who said:We have conversations at some youth meetings we go for, they say that employing the condoms means that you never have confidence in your girlfriend [Non-consumer, Kisumu]

A different respondent remarked that:

With the products they (guys) are very… a lot towards it and they come to feel that with the tablets their females can have excess marital affairs realizing that they will not get pregnant [Non-user, Mombasa]

Some young females thought that condoms ended up not a ideal technique of contraception for couples in interactions because of their association with straying.


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